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Our Inventory

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We now build steps to fit your needs. Any size and shape.


  • Sliding doors

    • Door handles

    • Hinges and miscellaneous hardware

  • Insulated windows (Variety of sizes)

  • Interior door (Variety of sizes)

    • Door knob hardware

    • Replacement backsets

    • Non Mortise hinges

  • Exterior doors

    • Combo dead locks

    • Hinges

    • Storm Doors

    • Screen doors and replacement screens

  • Heat ducts 10 inch or 12 inch flux

    • Chimney caps

    • Hard pipe goes between furnace and chimney. 

  • Electrical needs

    • Circuit Breakers

    • Outlet covers

    • wire caps

  • Trailer Furnace:  Miller CMF2 & Miller M5

    • Roof Jacks

    • Register Covers:  Brown or White

  • Hot Water Heater:  Gas or Electric

  • Plumbing Supply's

  • Sinks

    •  Kitchen 19 x 33 kitchen sink 6",7",8"D

    • Bath sinks,  Oval or Square

    • Bathroom vents

    • Bathroom Fans 7"bath fans (Lighted or non lighted)

    • Fan blades, Motors and Caps

  • Faucets: Utopia, Phoenix Brands

    • Stems and knobs

  • Tubs and Shower stalls

    • Drains & ABS pipe fittings for shower and tub.

  • Trailer Skirts We sell kits or by piece.

    • Colors: (Vinyl) Brown, Gray, Cream, White (White in stock)

    • Styles: Solid plain, Brick, Stone


New England's Biggest Mobile Home Parts Store that we can't list everything.  Here at Parts and Pieces we have  so much more to offer you to choose from.   Let us help you find the best fit to  completes  your home or business repair needs.  We are just a call away.

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